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Title: install and configure
Post by: dyamash1 on March 17, 2006, 11:12:47 AM

1.? I could not find the Mysql download on the ftp site.? So I installed the supervisor anyway.? It seems to be working fine, but I assume it would be optimal if I can find the right Mysql download.? Could anyone tell me where to find right Mysql download.

2.? One major problems sending jobs through Maya is that jobs do not complete, but instead the job finishes all of the frames and then starts back at the beginning.? It will do this indefinitely until the job is manually killed.? This prevents pending jobs to run.? Does anyone know how to fix this problem.

3.? I have workstations with dual core dual processors which should show up as 4 cpus per workstation but instead the supervisor only reads 1 cpu for each workstation.? How can I set it up so the supervisor so it can see and use all available processors per workstation?

Thank you

Title: Re: install and configure
Post by: michael.graf on March 17, 2006, 06:16:52 PM
hi, just a user here

1) mysql is installed with the supervisor

2) shrug, don't use maya

3) This was one of my support cases... Case 9238

This is a known issue with the default worker settings that shipped with qube 4.0. 

If you'd like to have the qube worker to automatically detect the number of CPUs on your systems, please set the worker_cpus parameter to "0" (it ships with this set to "1").

You can also set this in the configuration GUI, as you've done, under the Advanced tab.


This would need to be done per worker manually, or you can configure the pushed qbwrk.conf from the supervisor (see Page 19 of Admin manual).

hope this helps
Title: Re: install and configure
Post by: dyamash1 on March 20, 2006, 02:13:45 AM

Thank you for the information.  The supervisor now sees all the processors on our workstations. 

Now I am wondering how to install the qb.lic.  According to the installation manual, I have to drop the gb.lic into the %system%/qb.lic.  I am not too sure where this is, I just placed directly on the C:/ drive.  But the supervisor qbpings with or without the qb.lic, and says that there are only two licenses when there should be at least forty.  When I send jobs the supervisor only allows two jobs to run at once, when there are many more CPUs to handle the work.  I am hoping that someone can tell me exactly how to configure the qb.lic.  And hopefully this will solve a lot of my issues.

Thank you
Title: Re: install and configure
Post by: michael.graf on March 20, 2006, 10:01:45 PM
at a command prompt issue
echo %systemroot%

this will show the location, normally c:\windows\

The qb.lic should have arrived in your inbox correctly configured (inline within the email), all you need to do is create the qb.lic (copy and paste).
Title: Re: install and configure
Post by: anthony on March 21, 2006, 02:45:29 AM
Hey dyamash1,

   Sorry for the late reply.  We normally reply quickly however I wanted to wait until qube! 4.0-5 was available for general use because some of the issues which you have mentioned are fixed in this release.  4.0-5 is now available for you to download.  See "Downloads" in the forum for more detail.

   For the answer to #1.  if you're using the windows or the osx supervisor then mysql is already included in the installation.  Mysql must only be installed by the use for Linux Distributions.

   For an answer to your 2nd question, I suspect you're using Mental Ray. We're addressing this issue in our maya support to be released tomorrow.  (Mar 21, 2006)

   As far as your final question, the 1 cpu vs 4 cpu.  qube! in 4.0-0 is configured to use 1 by default.  However this is always adjustable.  qube 4.0-5! has been changed to use what is detected by default which will set things to 4 cpus.  If you're intrested in configuring the number explicitly you can always set it in the Worker Settings tab in the configuration dialog.

Title: Re: install and configure
Post by: dyamash1 on March 21, 2006, 02:21:07 PM
Thank you all for your help.  Things seem to be working a little better now and I can't wait for the updated downloads. 

But I do have just a questions.  Does qube! support layered PSD files?  When I set the image settings to layered PSD files and try to open up the qube batch renderer I get an error message in Maya saying that the file can not be found. 
Also when I look in the qube! render globals layered PSDs are not available.  In general the qube! render globals don't seem to have any controls over the renders any.  Will these fixes be in the updates?

Thank you,

Title: Re: install and configure
Post by: anthony on March 21, 2006, 08:39:15 PM
Hey dyamash1,

    Not every renderer maps well into the standard maya renderer option list. Generally output format is better controlled using the render globals from within maya.  Especially if you are using the non-native Renderer such as Mental Ray, or Gelato.  If an output such as layered psd files are what you use, which I suspect you use specifically to pipe into After Effects since Adobe likes Adobe file formats, then you're best off setting the file format in your scene file before dispatching the render. 

    Also the Maya update is now available as is the new version of qube!.  As a quick note, this is one of our rare updates where you must upgrade qube! in order to use the maya update.  So please make sure that you are running qube 4.0-5 before attempting to use the maya job type.