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Title: PipelineFX maya jobtype 6.3-2 maintenance release
Post by: jburk on July 26, 2012, 06:20:33 PM
A new maintenance release of the maya jobtype, version 6.3-2 is available now.


Changes from the previous version are listed below.

==== CL 9710 ====
@NEW: add Maya 2013 support

==== CL 9673 ====
@FIX: catch case where "getattr defaultRenderGlobals.currentRenderer" returns an array reference and not a string; results in renderer names like "vray,vray", causes "Error: The renderer vray,vray is not registered yet."

==== CL 9625 ====
@NEW: add support for Maya 2013
@NEW: add Mentalray Satellite for Maya ports for Maya 2013

==== CL 9583 ====
@NEW: add mentalray satellite for Maya ports for Maya 2011, 2012
@FIX: write the maya.rayhosts in the correct maya prefs directory for Vista and later, was using pre-Vista locations
@FIX: use correct mrsat port for Maya 2010, was using mr standalone port, not mrsatForMaya port