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Title: Maya Fluids render
Post by: ShaneS on November 26, 2012, 10:14:42 PM
Hey Everyone,

So here is my situation. I've submitting two renders to my Qube to render out a fluid simulation. Both of the renders are having problems. The problem is that when I sequence my renders the fluid does not move. I have cached out the simulation. Is there a certain setting i must check or write.

I am working with Maya 2013 and Vray 2.0. I am also using Qube 6.4.0 and submitting a  normal render job.


Title: Re: Maya Fluids render
Post by: jburk on November 28, 2012, 06:36:20 PM
It sounds like the sim cache isn't actually being loaded at render time, and the solver is always starting at the same place, since each time you're probably only rendering 1 frame, which would cause the sim to appear to be not moving.

Can you verify that the sim cache is actually being used?  Perhaps rename the directory temporarily, and see if you get the expected "cache not found" type of error messages; if they don't appear, you may not actually be utilizing the cached sim.

Or, you could test by submitting a 10-frame sequence in two 5-frame chunks, and see if the fluid appears to move over the 5 frames; if you rendered multiple 5-frame chunks the fluid should flow, then "snap back" to the starting position every 5 frames.