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Title: 3dsmax jobtype 6.3-3 maintenance release
Post by: shinya on December 28, 2012, 12:10:41 AM
A new maintenance release of the 3dsmax jobtype, version 6.3-3 is available now.

NOTE: You must also upgrade your Qube! GUI to version 6.3.5 or above to be able to use this version of the 3ds Max jobtype.

 ftp://ftp.pipelinefx.com/pub/jobtypes/6.3/ (ftp://ftp.pipelinefx.com/pub/jobtypes/6.3/)

Changes from the previous version are listed below.

==== CL 10433 ====
@TWEAK: modified string matching code to use "eq" instead of a regex. Also fixed tab indentation.

==== CL 10432 ====
@FIX: issue where nothing is output after rendering if "outputfile" was given in the submission instead of "Save File" specified in the scenefile.

ZD:8204 8242

==== CL 10405 ====
@FIX: reverse the direction on the back-slashes in the outputfile path, avoid interpreting "path\test" as a "path<tab>est"

==== CL 10136 ====
@FIX: fixed issue with using non-standard "File::HomeDir" module to detect user's home dir