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Title: FIXED: 6.4-2 WranglerView Windows: AE Install->InApp doesn't create menu items
Post by: jburk on January 16, 2013, 02:12:36 AM
Bug description:

When the user attempts to install the InApp Qube submission interfaces for AfterEffects, no Qube* menu items appear in the AfterEffects->File->Scripts menu.  The required 4 JavaScript .JSX files which would normally be installed are missing from the Windows builds of WrangleView.

Versions affected:

Present in Windows versions 6.4-2, 6.4-2a

Steps to fix:

The attachment contains the 4 missing .JSX scripts.  Unzip this file and use Qube! WranglerView to update itself and then AfterEffects.

First, unzip the 4 JSX files somewhere and either make a note of where they are or copy them into the clipboard.

Then, install the missing files into WranglerView's AppUI directory:

Then, use WranglerView to install the patch into C4D:

[attachment deleted by admin]