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Title: FIXED: job submission for certain jobtypes fails silently
Post by: jburk on February 24, 2016, 05:16:39 PM
The user is unable to submit a job to a 6.8-1 supervisor for certain jobtypes, most notably Maya and VRED.  No indication is given to the user why the submission has failed, inspecting the supervisor's log shows:

ERROR: supervisor has rejected job(s) - maya support unavailable

Operating systems affected:
All platforms

Installing the fix with the Qube Installer
The patched 6.8-1a supervisor package has been added to the publicly available 6.8-1 Installer manifest file.  Start the Qube Installer on the supervisor and either re-download the 6.8-1 manifest from the public repository or select the 6.8-1 manifest from your local repository and select "Update" when informed a newer version of the 6.8-1 manifest is available.  Select "Upgrade Installed", you should see in the version column that supervisor will be upgraded from 6.8-1 to 6.8-1a. 

Installing the fix manually
Download the 6.8-1a supervisor installation package for your supervisor's operating system  at http://repo.pipelinefx.com/downloads/pub/qube/6.8-1/

Schedule 15 minutes of downtime for the supervisor to install the patch.  If patching a 6.8-1 supervisor you will not need an updated license key.