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Title: PipelineFX.com and Forum Moved to New Hosting Company
Post by: pipelinescott on April 12, 2017, 02:51:10 AM
The hosting of our corporate website at www.pipelinefx.com has moved to a new provider! So has the hosting of our forum.

Our corporate site domain has not changed. You can still find all of the information you are looking for at www.pipelinefx.com.

Our corporate site and forum are now at the same provider where our Documentation and Metered Licensing were already hosted. Those two domains are the same:
docs.pipelinefx.com & metered.pipelinefx.com

Our forum on the other hand has a new base URL.
Changed from: www.pipelinefx.com/forum/
Changed to: forum.pipelinefx.com

All other PipelineFX touch points including FTP, support, email aliases, etc. remain the same.