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Title: Maintenance/Patch Release 7.0-1c of Qube! Now Available
Post by: pipelinescott on July 26, 2018, 06:04:43 PM
This morning we released the 7.0-1c maintenance or patch version of 7.0-1 for Qube!. It contains several fixes that we believe may be of interest to several client installations of Qube!. The highlights from those fixes are as follows:

@FIX: Added time filters to job info API call (qb.jobinfo())
@FIX: Agenda items failing due to timeout won’t auto-retry
@FIX: 7.0-1 supe installer won’t work on platforms with python 2.6 (issue with init_supe_db.py script)
@FIX: Inaccurate cumulative cpu time for agenda items

You can download this latest version of Qube! here:

See the latest Qube! compatibility and tech specs:

The Release Notes can be viewed here: