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Title: frame step
Post by: veepee on January 27, 2009, 06:42:26 PM
When I submit a render from maya, migens or maya software all of my render settings reflect those that are set in maya except for frame step. For some reason it is always set to 2.5 instead of 1. How can I correct this?
Title: Re: frame step
Post by: siyuan.pipelinefx on January 28, 2009, 12:15:51 AM
How are you submitting your jobs?  The Qube dialog inside the Maya application?  or through Qube GUI?  Also, we need more information to actually see why the problem occurs.  Can you send us your job log? You can send it to support@pipelinefx.com, the instructions to do so are as followed:

In order to address your problem more completely, please send us the job log directory for the job in question.

You can locate the directory by logging into your Supervisor, and looking for the job log folder in the following location (depending upon your Supervisor platform):

\Program Files\pfx\qube\logs\job

Linux, OS X

In that folder, you will find a numbered directory that corresponds to the number of thousands in the job ID. (ID < 1000 = 0) Search in one of these folders for the one that corresponds to the correct job ID.

Zip up the entire job ID folder and reply to this email message with the zipped file.

If the zipped job ID folder turns out to be larger than 2MB, don't send it, but let us know and we will help you address the problem in an alternative fashion.
Title: Re: frame step
Post by: veepee on January 29, 2009, 09:38:10 PM
Submissions are through the maya gui, I'll have to look into getting the job log from one of the tech guys. Might take a while. Left me know if you have any thoughts in the meantime.