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Title: Adding a mac worker to a windows setup
Post by: Bizzywater on October 27, 2009, 03:54:12 PM
I'm sure this has been covered somewhere in this forum, but I can not seem to find the answers I need. We have a boxx farm with 4 nodes, all running windows xp 64bit. Our setup works fine with all PC's on our network. Now we have recently added a mac running OSX 10.6, qube is installed and sees everything properly but can not submit jobs properly. Were using the maya qube submission plugin so we're submitting directly from maya. When a job is submitted it shows up in the render que and remains as pending and never initializes. If I look at the error log I see these two errors (basically the same thing):

WARNING: cannot open scenefile [/Volumes/3dDevelopment/_Project/Dev/Admiral_Pierre/lib/Set/KitchenSet2/workshop/KitchenSet2_workshop_0008.mb] for reading at C:\Program Files (x86)\pfx\jobtypes/maya/Utils.pm line 35.

ERROR: scenefile [/Volumes/3dDevelopment/_Project/Dev/Admiral_Pierre/lib/Set/KitchenSet2/workshop/KitchenSet2_workshop_0008.mb] does not exist on the execution machine [BOXX-R10300A] at C:\Program Files (x86)\pfx\jobtypes/maya/MayaJob.pm line 170.

I see the "volumes" extension is being added before "3dDevelopment" which is our server, this leads me to believe it is a mac pathing issue. I work exclusively on PC and certainly am by no means a networking guy which is leaving me at a complete loss on how to correct this issue. Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated. I'm sure this is not a hard problem to correct I just have no means of fixing the issue to its proper extent. Thanks again

Title: Re: Adding a mac worker to a windows setup
Post by: Scot Brew on October 27, 2009, 10:19:14 PM
The easiest way to setup submit-time path translation from Mac (OSX) or Linux to a Windows PC is to use the new functionality added in the 5.5 QubeGUI just released last week.  See the "What's New in Qube 5.5 for further details" (http://www.pipelinefx.com/support/docs/Whats_New-5.5.pdf).

To use this feature, the new Preferences item in the QubeGUI that gives a listing of automatic path conversions.  For your situation you would likely want to have something like:
  From            To
  /Volumes/     \\3dDevelopment\

Note that all paths contained inside the scenefile should be relative to the scenefile (since absolute paths would not be valid on the other platform).
Title: Re: Adding a mac worker to a windows setup
Post by: Bizzywater on October 28, 2009, 12:59:43 PM
I am aware of the new pathing feature which sounds great, the only problem is that were also in the middle of upgrading to windows 7 as well as being in the middle of a job. We will not be able to upgrade qube for at least 2 weeks, so I was wondering how I can take care of this problem in our current 5.4.5 release, atleast until we can upgrade qube. Thanks again