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Title: configuration qube-blend
Post by: audhie.jr on December 17, 2009, 03:07:10 AM
i'm sory before for all you guys.....
first i have got server, then my boz wants i setup server as render farm. actually i don't neber handle big server...
now i try to configure, my server as render farm...the first  i have got is blender... on my server...and then i have got installed blender on my node cluster(or cluster) and it's done but i want to know
how to installed qube-blend from qube software into every my node cluster(or cluster) and should every node cluster install qube blend?

thanks to you guys.....

i hope you can give me the answere for me...... ;D :D   
Title: Re: configuration qube-blend
Post by: jburk on December 17, 2009, 03:25:21 PM
The Blender job available in the GUI is a standalone job type and requires no installation other than Qube and blender itself on the render nodes.  It simply builds a blender command line and runs that on all the nodes.

The parameters in the GUI Submit->BlenderJob dialogue box are documented at: