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Title: Error connecting to MySQL in OSX when running on the supervisor machine.
Post by: jburk on April 16, 2010, 04:12:51 PM
When running the QubeGUI on the supervisor machine itself on OSX, the GUI fails to retrieve any information from the supervisor, and the following error appears in the log pane:

Connecting to MySQL host 'foo.bar.com' as user 'qube_readonly' on port 3306
MYSQL>>> SELECT * FROM qube.job WHERE (lastupdate > 324656362.000000) ORDER BY id DESC
MySQL Error: (1142, "SELECT command denied to user ''@'foo.bar.com' for table 'job'")

This is a bug specific to running the GUI on the supervisor on OSX; the qube_readonly user is granted access from all hosts by default, but OSX MySQL installations have another entry in the grant table that expressly forbids access to unknown users on the local machine...

There are 2 workarounds available to you:

Please note that you will have to replace foo.bar.com in the mysql command with the hostname that appeared in the original error message.