Author Topic: VRay for Rhino (DRSpawner)  (Read 7753 times)


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VRay for Rhino (DRSpawner)
« on: February 17, 2011, 09:26:44 PM »
came here after checking out Boxx website... looks v. interesting

we'd love to see the Chaos Group's DRSpawner for VfR on Pipeline?

explanation - we have been v. happy with VRay (using HDRI) for Rhino (and Bongo to animate) - for our simple explanatory visualisations.

.... using an older switch and 3 six core Boxx's and a custom build quad core - with iCore7 notebooks. all Win7/ 64.

Thinking of adding more boxes. It may sound mad - but the ability to stay within the modeller and just animate is so compelling - it is hard for us to think of moving out of it - especially with new Rhino 5 and VfR on horizon.

So any thought on bringing VfR to the Pipeline?