Author Topic: Using a Windows domain account as the proxy account  (Read 7962 times)


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Using a Windows domain account as the proxy account
« on: March 18, 2011, 02:32:29 PM »
Sometimes you need to use a Windows domain account as the proxy account.  Usually this is due to using ACL's for permissions on your file server, and the ACL can only contain domain entries.

It's pretty straightforward to set up:

1.) Ensure the account has been created and that you know the password.  This account must not ever expire it's password, and it must not have to change its password the first time it logs in.

2.) You will need to log in as this domain account at least once on every Windows worker to initialize the desktop.

3.) Inform Qube of this user's password.  While logged in as the proxy user, use the  QubeGUI->Admin->Register Windows Password  to do this.

4.) Retrieve the encrypted password string from Qube with the "qblogin" utility. Run qblogin --display and will print out a long alpha-numeric string.  Copy and paste this into a text document for the moment.

5.) Configure the workers to use this account.  3 settings need to be changed:

Code: [Select]
proxy_execution_mode = proxy
proxy_account = <account name> 
worker_host_domain = <windows domain name>

Note that the <account name> should not include the domain name.

6.) Run qblogin --check to verify that the password is correct