Author Topic: PipelineFX QubeGUI 6.0-5 maintenance release is available.  (Read 2053 times)


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PipelineFX QubeGUI 6.0-5 maintenance release is available.
« on: April 05, 2011, 12:16:35 PM »
A new 6.0.5 maintenance release is now available for the QubeGUI v6.0. This is a recommended release for all customers running QubeGUI v6.0.

Below is a list of the fixes and enhancements.


@CHANGE:   add support for Maya 2012

@CHANGE:   add in "Subscription Advantage Pack" paths

@CHANGE:   create a backup copy of the license file before overwriting

@CHANGE:   use 'sc start/stop' instead of "net start/stop" for starting windows services - more fwd-compatible

@CHANGE:   desktop worker window is minimized at startup

@CHANGE:   retire the hostGrid widget

@CHANGE:   provide a sane set of layout defaults so that the GUI is layed out somewhat appropriately the first time
                it's started, or after the prefs file is deleted.

@CHANGE:   add support for Windows 64-bit Cinema 4D executable

@CHANGE:   add functionality to AfterEffects submission UI to automatically only submit 1 subjob with 1 partition
                for movie format files

@CHANGE:   set outputPath, outputFormat, and appendExtension as required arguments to resolve most common causes of
                failure in Blender jobs.

@CHANGE:   add a second password textCtrl to QubeGUI->Admin->RegisterWindowsPassword dialog for double-entry
                confirmation, adheres to standard password creation or change convention, which requires the same value
                be entered twice.

@FIX:      Handle case where database_host defined in the supervisor as

@FIX:      correctly set permissions on worker journal file

@FIX:      correctly start and stop the DesktopWorker on OSX

@FIX:      simplecmd submission UI's now respect the client_priority and supervisor_default_priority settings (in
                that order), and no longer always set the priority to 9999

@FIX:      fix crashbug in Fedora 14 when initializing charts - don't cast argument list as a set, strips ordering

@FIX:      find worker_journal_file for fixing write permissions by querying running worker config

@FIX:      swap '\' direction in outputPath from \ -> / , was causing paths to be invalid on Windows when '\' was
                followed by character that could be interpreted as a control character (\\, \r, \n, etc).

@FIX:      Address "KeyError exception" thrown if Worker refreshed with no changes and the Configuration Panel is

@FIX:      Fix issue with Worker reloading in the GUI to retrieve the proper field to compare with the timestamp.

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