Author Topic: PipelineFX QubeGUI 6.2.2 maintenance release is available.  (Read 1560 times)


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PipelineFX QubeGUI 6.2.2 maintenance release is available.
« on: November 16, 2011, 10:58:50 PM »
A new 6.2.2 maintenance release is now available for the QubeGUI v6.2. This is a recommended release for all customers running QubeGUI v6.2.

Below is a list of the fixes and enhancements.


    New features
@NEW: Added mental ray 3.9.1 (Autodesk Maya 2012) support

@NEW: Added in-app submission for Cinema4D.

@NEW: add in sanity check on upper limit for number of subjobs during
GUI-initiated job modification, eliminate user error which could overload the
supervisor.  Upper limit is the lesser of (the agenda size +  10%) or (total
number of active slots in the farm).

@NEW: modifying the subjob count will retry or retire subjobs to bring the
running subjob count up to the new subjob count; if the job has 10 subjobs, 6
of which are complete/failed/killed, and it's modified to 15 subjobs, the 6
done subjobs will be automatically retried.  If the subjob count is modified to
be less than the number of running/pending/blocked subjobs, subjobs are
retired, pending/blocked before running.

@NEW: New AppUI directory structure for distribution of in-app scripts.

    Changes in behavior
@CHANGE: modifying the GUI to run under "console" mode under Windows, so that
it's messages may be redirected and captured.

@CHANGE: use fixed-width font for stdout/stderr logpanes when locale is set to
en_US, to avoid errors when displaying Japanese and other double-byte

@CHANGE: better sorting of subjob candidates for retire/retry.  Desired
behavior is to keep the active and running subjobs near the top of the list
(lower subjob ID's), and the completed/retired ones at the bottom of the list.
Retry lower id's before higher id's, retire higher id's before lower ones.

@FIX: Better error checking for Cinema4D in-app installer.

@FIX: added 'AESend Failed' to the regex_errors, will always mark the frame as
failed if found, even when aerender crashes and exits with code 0

@FIX: don't quote arguments to -mem_usage flag, needs to be passed 2 integers

@FIX: wait for worker/supervisor to shut down on OSX before attempting to start
it back up again

@FIX: wait for worker/supervisor to shut down on OSX before attempting to start
it back up again

@FIX: properly cast mysql version as a integer to test

@FIX: AfterEffects: properly determine endframe where work area is less than
full comp lenght

@FIX: Fix Cinema4D -nogui operation on Windows workers.  This should make C4D
renders much more reliable when run on Windows.

@FIX: properly determine the job count on systems running MySQL versions older
than 5.x (RHEL 4, etc.)

@FIX: remove upper limit on renderThreads for maya jobytpe submission