Author Topic: PipelineFX Qube 6.3.3 Core/Supervisor/Worker maintenance release is available  (Read 2647 times)


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A new 6.3.1 maintenance release is now available for the Qube 6.3 Core/Supervisor/Worker. This is a recommended release for all customers running Qube v6.3.

Please note that v6.3.2 was never released, and that all fixes, changes, etc from v6.3.2 are present in v6.3.3.

Below is a list of the fixes and enhancements since the last point-release.


@RELEASE: 6.3.3

==== CL 9370 ====
@FIX: recreate the pfx_dw stored procedures and functions on Windows, as the MSI installer wipes them out during an upgrade.

==== CL 9342 ====
@FIX: fixed a supe thread crashing issue, when global_host or license_host resource tracking is used.
ZD: 5749

==== CL 9334 ====
@FIX: add error handler for MySQL error 1146 "Table 'x' doesn't exist" for work and cpu time calculations for job data collector script
@NEW: increment datawarehouse version to 10 to allow for installing this patch into existing databases

==== CL 9325 ====
@FIX: add qbhash program to be included in qube-core RPM package.
BUGZID: 63693
ZD: 5744

==== CL 9318 ====
@FIX: fixed crash bugs that were introduce when the "dying" state was implemented for 6.3.1.
ZD: 5794

==== CL 9311 ====
@FIX: add mail template for auto-wrangling emails to the installers

@RELEASE: 6.3.2

==== CL 9265 ====
@FIX: fixed job-level history not being recorded into .hst file.
(Bug was introduced in CL9145, 9146)
ZD: 5609

==== CL 9261 ====
@CHANGE: cut down on the cmdline & cmdrange jobtypes' stdout; don't print 'LOG: ...' lines, make regex summaries much clearer, change printing or regex's to stderr to make it clearer that they're not actual errors, but rather things being searched for in the stderr stream.

==== CL 9252 ====
@FIX: properly find qb.conf on Windows versions Vista and later when unable to contact the supervisor directly.

==== CL 9245 ====
@FIX: GUI changes to be able to handle when supervisor host goes down, and both supervisor and MySQL server are unavailable.  Also fix jobList not refreshing on down supervisor.

==== CL 9241 ====
@FIX: fix GUI crashbug in MySQLConnect when supervisor does not answer a

==== CL 9239 ====
@FIX: global resource tables were not getting created in new instances of the datawarehouse db, only on upgrades.

==== CL 9234 ====
@FIX: disable permission check of worker_logpath, as it was creating false-alarms and putting the worker to be in panic mode unnecessarily. 
ZD: 5445 5236
BUGZID: 63683

==== CL 9232 ====
@FIX: fixed example python code ( to work on Windows too.

==== CL 9211 ====
@FIX: added code to prevent the QbQueue::getSubjobReadyfindReady() routine from returning the same subjob to be dispatched over and over.

This was causing the findSubjobAndReserveJob() and startJob() routines to
hit the "subjob [N] seems to be already assigned" situation, and cause
threads to enter a long, sometimes semi-infinite, sleep-and-retry loop.

Fixed by adding code in the startJob() routine to quickly update the subjob
status when the the assignJob() returns QB_ASSIGN_OK (i.e., worker says it
has accepted the subjob), instead of waiting until the worker later reports
that the subjob is "running" via the STATUS_JOB message, which can take
more than several seconds on a busy farm.

Also reduced the number of maximum retries to 3 (MAX_ATTEMPTS), in the
situations where a subjob "seems to be already assigned" or when a worker
host says it's busy (QB_ASSIGN_BUSY). This prevents the threads to get
stuck for 10 or more seconds in a sleep-retry loop, and allow them to give
up quickly and move on.

ZD: 5449

==== CL 9198 ====
@FIX: fixed issue with non-node-locked licenses ("FF:FF:...") not working (since 6.3.0)

==== CL 9173 ====
@FIX: ensure that mail sent by qbamdin --emailtest is RFC2822-compliant (no bare LF's, only CRLF)