Author Topic: Qube! 6.3.5 Core/Supervisor/Worker/GUI maintenance release is available  (Read 3691 times)


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A new 6.3.4 maintenance release is now available for the Qube 6.3 Core/Supervisor/Worker/GUI. This is a recommended release for all customers running Qube v6.3.

Below is a list of the fixes and enhancements since the last point-release.

= Core / Worker/ Supervisor =============================================

==== CL 9785 ====
@FIX: worker issue where desktop worker would randomly crash.

ZD: 6778

==== CL 9730 ====
@TWEAK: modified so that worker name and IP print when job is accepted by worker, in assignJob()

==== CL 9729 ====
@INTERNAL: changed all calls to qbvcout to qbout in the QbDaemon, QbPreforkDaemon and QbDatabaseMysql code, so that the timestamp, hostname and pid, are always printed.

==== CL 9698 ====
@FIX: fixed false-negative warning message pertaining to "select() in checkpoint()" seen in supelog.

Examples of these messages:

select() in checkpoint(): Operation timed out
select() in checkpoint(): Interrupted system call

==== CL 9694 ====
@FIX: fixed issue with the supe threads getting tied up on "subjob X seems to be already assigned" message.

On a farm with busy workers, the time between the supe dispatching a sub
   job to the worker via assignJob() and the worker reporting that the "subjob
   is running" can be several seconds to sometimes even several minutes, which
   was causing many supe threads to attempt dispatching the same subjob over
   and over.  All of those threads end up hitting the "subjob X seems to be
   already assigned... retrying" message, and get tied up for 3 seconds while
   they retry.

ZD: 6760 7125

==== CL 9689 ====
@FIX: fixed bug in clustering algorithm where it incorrectly gave more
weight to a job when the only difference was the last letter in the cluster

For example, if:
host cluster: /3D/projA
job1 cluster: /3D/projB
job2 cluster: /3D

job1 was getting more weight than job2, which is incorrect.

BUGZID: 63740
ZD: 7043

==== CL 9686 ====
@FIX: using deprecated "waitfor" attribute with Python api causes qb.submit() to raise a KeyError
@FIX: properly convert "waitfor" value (jobid integer) to proper "dependency" string of "link-done-job-<id>"

==== CL 9676 ====
@FIX: update documentation and GUI help text to show correct "||" syntax for job restrictions list.

==== CL 9662 ====
@FIX: supervisor was failing postflight upgrade scripts on OSX Server, expliclty set the mysql socket to /tmp/mysql.sock  in /etc/my.cnf and /etc/qb.conf to avoid conflicting with the factory-installed default of /var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock

==== CL 9615 ====

@FIX: Added code to properly log frames (to supelog and job log) when they go back to "pending" after the processing subjob/worker is found dead.

@FIX: Added code in the supervisor to retry a failed worker connection
after a random 5-10 sec sleep/delay, to alleviate network hiccups during
network commands (kill, preempt, etc. of running subjobs).

ZD: 6760

==== CL 9614 ====
@INTERNAL: fixed a small cosmetic bug introduced in CL 9606

==== CL 9607 ====
@INTERNAL: added converseWorkerWithRetries() and also fixed small bug in the retry loop of converseSubSupervisorWithRetries()

==== CL 9585 ====
@FIX: issue where some jobs get stuck in the "dying" state when attempted to be killed

ZD: 6616

==== CL 9570 ====
@FIX: improvements to the handling of GET_LOCK  (aka"reserveJob()") timeout situations.

ZD: 6617

==== CL 9500 ====
@FIX: Windows Vista/7/2008-R2 installer - don't error out when installing the worker or supervisor as an Admin-equivalent account during creation of scheduled tasks.  Properly remove scheduled tasks during uninstall.

= QubeGUI =========================================================

    New features
@NEW: add support for AfterEffects CS 6

@NEW: add support for Maya 2013

@NEW: add Mentalray Satellite for Maya ports for Maya 2013

@NEW: add support for mentalray 3.10.1, provided with Maya 2013

@NEW: add support for renderLayers to mayaBatch/VRay

@NEW:Cinema4D Jobs now contain correct output paths if an output path is given in the submission dialog - single pass only.

@NEW:In-app submission windows are no longer blocking in C4D on OS X.

    Changes in behavior
@CHANGE: make 'executable' field required, so it will always be visible, and
defaults to an empty string.

@TWEAK: increase the "recent supervisors" list in the QubeGUI preferences
dialog from 6 entries to 15.

@FIX: catch cases where progress calculations raise exceptions due to malformed
or missing progress values

@FIX:Correctly pre-populate output paths for Cinema4D jobs.

@FIX: killing a job kills all active work in that job, mimics cmdline behavior

@FIX: remove dependency on wx from GUI prefs file, store mainWindowSize as a
tuple not a wx.Size() instance

@FIX: fix GUI bug that would cause submission UI to crash if default shotgun
submission parameters were saved in the user prefs.  FB: 63719, ZD: 6248

@FIX: update documentation and GUI help text to show correct "||" syntax for
job restrictions list.