Author Topic: Qube! ArtistView 1.0-0 released  (Read 1772 times)


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Qube! ArtistView 1.0-0 released
« on: December 28, 2012, 08:09:20 PM »
Qube! ArtistView 1.0-0 has been released.

Qube! ArtistView GUI is designed to be a more artist-centric view of Qube! that delivers fast feedback on your rendering pipeline. It utilizes a Python plugin architecture, which gives power users the ability to add or change functionality quickly and easily. This takes pipeline integration to the next level and ensures that ArtistView will be a pain-free addition to any current or custom pipelines.

Built on PyQT
ArtistView is a ground-up re-write, built on the newer and more efficient PyQt with a darker color scheme that is easier on artist
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