Author Topic: Qube! 6.4.2 WranglerView maintenance release is available  (Read 2422 times)


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Qube! 6.4.2 WranglerView maintenance release is available
« on: January 04, 2013, 05:21:07 PM »
A new 6.4.2 maintenance release is now available for the Qube 6.4 WranglerView. This is a
recommended release for all customers running Qube v6.4.

This is essentially a re-release of 6.4.1 with a patch affecting the re-submission of
Dynamic Allocation jobtypes (maya, 3dsmax, xsi, etc...)

* new "appFinder" submission UI's in the WranglerView for AfterEffects and Cinema4D,
these jobs will discover the user-specified version of the application's executable at
run-time on the worker, allows for running cross-platform cmdline-based jobs on
multiple OS's at the same time, i.e., can submit the same C4D job to both Windows
and OS X workers.

* AfterEffects jobs can now show progress inside a movie or "chunk" render, so that
"% Done" will update as the movie or chunk is rendering, not just when it's finished.

* submissions from WranglerView will tend to be spread out across the farm as evenly
as possible, instead of piling up on several workers while others are empty.

* On new installs, submissions from WranglerView will default to having the "expand"
job flag set when the instance count is set to -1, which will allow jobs to automatically
increase their own job instance count until the farm is full.  Since this is a fairly
significant behavioral change, and not necessarilydesirable on large farms, this behavior
will only be in effect by default for new installs, but can be enabled for upgraded installs
with the "Use Job Expansion" preference.

* add a search filter widget to RunningInstances view

WranglerView 6.4.2 FEATURES AND FIXES

    New features
@NEW: add support to pyCmd* jobtypes for new "auto-pathing" feature; can now
send jobs to a mixed set of workers and find the 3rd-party executable on all
OS's, not pre-defined in the job's package

@NEW: add new appFinder submission for C4D

@NEW: Add Help menu item for new on-line docs

@NEW: added the regex_progress widget in the submission UI's

@NEW: a new aerender job with AppFinder capabilities, can run on multiple
platforms and find the aerender executable at run-time

@NEW: this SimpleCmd utilizes the pyCmdrange jobtype, which allows for
intra-frame progress, e.g. provides progress on single-agenda movie renders

@NEW: Add re-submisson support to the QubeGUI for new pyCmdline/pyCmdrange

@NEW: add Redraw and Close buttons to dependencyGraph floating Window

@NEW: dependency graph can now be swapped betweent the notebook tab and a
floating window

@NEW: Add 'interrupt' to job context menu, optionally interrupt all instances
or some of them, the shortest-running ones first.

@NEW: add automatic runtime path conversion to cmdline and cmdrange jobtypes

@NEW: jobs may have the "convert_path" flag set to tell the jobtype to do
runtime path conversion.

@NEW: qubegui simpleCmd interface has a new "convert path" checkbox

@NEW: Default "Use Job Expansion"preference to False for all but new
installations; test is if no GUI prefs file exists AND less than a certain
number jobs in Qube.  NEW_QUBE_INSTALL_JOBCOUNT_THRESHOLD is defined in
qbPrefs, and is set to 100

@NEW: set jobs to be dispatched to the workers with the most slots available by
default; this will serve to "sprinkle" job instances across the farm, instead
of piling them up on a limited set of hosts.

@NEW: add a search filter widget to RunningInstances view

@NEW: add "migrate" to the running instances context menu

@NEW: add "Top" and "Bottom" buttons to column sorters in Prefs Dialog, no more
hitting the 'Up' or 'Down' buttons repeatedly

@NEW: setting the job instanceCount to -1 will automatically set the job
"expand" flag, which will cause the job to automatically run as wide as
possible on the farm

@NEW: added new "Use Job Expansion" and"Default to Job Expansion" to the
Preferences dialog; if "Use Job Expansion" is unchecked, the 'expand' flag will
not appear in the job flag browser pop-up.  As well, if "Use Job Expansion" is
unchecked, but the user manually enters "expand" into the job flags, it will be
stripped from the job flags at submission time

@NEW: added V-Ray Distributed Rendering (DR) support to Maya.

@NEW: add a search filter widget to RunningInstances view

@NEW: add "migrate" to the running instances context menu

@NEW: add "Top" and "Bottom" buttons to column sorters in Prefs Dialog, no more
hitting the 'Up' or 'Down' buttons repeatedly

    Changes in behavior
@CHANGE: don't install the Qube_Submit_aerender.jsx script, it causes more
grief than it's worth.

@CHANGE: drop "aerender" from RenderQueue jsx script name, old name:
Qube_Submit_aerender_RenderQueue.jsx, new name: Qube_Submit_RenderQueue.jsx

@CHANGE: do not show output path until a frame is complete (AE & C4D have the
output path populated @ submission).

@CHANGE: no longer show separate fields for retrywork and retrysubjob, single
"Retry" UI field populates both retrywork and retrysubjob job fields.

@CHANGE: will clean out old Qube*.jsx scripts in the AE scripts directory,
install new ones into Scripts/Qube; this will be the location for these going

@CHANGE: source JSX scripts now kept in AppUI/aerender/*.jsx, instead of inline
strings in the aerender SimpleCmd module

@CHANGE: don't install Qube_Submit_aerender cmdline-based script anymore; know
of no one that uses it, causes confusion for new users, unsure of which
submission to perform.

@CHANGE: HFS is now an optional instead of required arg to the HoudiniPythonJob
base class

@COSMETIC: Make gasGauge/queue counter more obvious

@CHANGE: use fewer columns as the default in the job and worker list

@CHANGE: update "running instances" interface to use new "instance" terminology
in tab name and column headers

@CHANGE: update "running instances" interface to use new "instance" terminology
in tab name and column headers

@FIX: "No SimpleSubmit registered as <X>" error occuring when resubmitting or
using --submitDict submission for SimpleSubmit jobs (not cmd* or pyCmd* jobs)

@FIX: Worker->Configure context menu item should only be enabled on the supervisor

@FIX: aerender jobs without a frame range should automatically be restricted to
1 instance

@FIX: JobList stuck on "building job list" when number of jobs in list is 0

@FIX: catch cases where QubeGUI resubmission of agenda-based jobs fails to
determine the frameRange, leaves "Range" field blank

@FIX: Dependency graph is broken for agenda items

@FIX: metaJob panel visibility is not saved in the preferences

@FIX: fix crash bug on linux when refreshing UI: "xcb_io.c:221: poll_for_event:
Assertion `(((long) (event_sequence) - (long) (dpy->request)) <= 0)' failed"

@FIX:  on OS X, catch case where license file does not exist, causing attempts
to append to it fail

@FIX: 'Reset' button for searchFilter columns would not cause columnList to
reset to factoryDefaults

@FIX: application version spinCtrl values not stored in GUI prefs

@FIX: reduce the number of times qb.supervisorconfig() and qb.getusers() are
called during GUI startup and normal operation, pre-populate the qbCache with
this data at startup