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A new 6.4-4 maintenance release is now available for the Qube 6.4 Core/Supervisor/Worker. This is a recommended release for all customers running Qube v6.4.

        Highlighted changes

@FIX: Fixed issue with instances being dispatched to multiple workers when jobs were qbmodify-ed their "cpus" down and then up.

When the "cpus" parameter, i.e. the instance count, was qbmodify-ed down and then up, some instances would end up being dispatched and running on multiple workers at the same time. This was due to the fact that prior to this fix, when a job's cpus count is reduced, instances of higher ID numbers were always chosen to retire (i.e., if a 5-instance job was reduce to 3, then instances 3 and 4 were retired). Now, instead, the first instances that request a "requestwork" are retired.

@FIX: fixed issue where agenda item commands such as "retrywork" would incorrectly be applied to unspecified/undesired agenda items, if the list of agenda items contains items from more than 1 parent job (e.g. "1234:1 1235:1")

For example, "qbretry 1234:1 1235:1" would retry every work item in job 1235, despite the specification being just item 1.

@FIX: python api qb.submit() fails silently when a job label is not unique within the pgrp Now raises a ValueError exception, with an error msg when qb.submit() fails.

@FIX: changed MySQL MEMORY table creations to read "ENGINE=MEMORY" instead of "TYPE=MEMORY" which is obsolete as of MySQL 5.5 - will support installing on hosts running MySQL 5.5 or greater

see: for the complete release notes

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