Author Topic: QubeInstaller 1.1-0 released  (Read 1571 times)


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QubeInstaller 1.1-0 released
« on: April 26, 2013, 07:06:45 PM »
QubeInstaller v1.1 has been released. 

New features and fixes:
  • Unicode path support
  • Command-line install.
  • Kickstart files that allow the same install/upgrade/uninstall to be performed on multiple machines.
  • qb_domain automatically set if the supervisor is using a non-standard setting
  • Properly handle the "Download Only" option
  • Workers running in dekstop user mode will start back up in the same mode after upgrade
  • Fixed issues on Windows where malformed programs in the control panel would cause the installer to fail while searching through the program list
  • Handle Windows security policy that does not allow MSI files to be installed from a network location
  • Fixed issue with CentOS 6.0 not being recognized as a known OS

QubeInstaller is available on all supported operating systems.

Product page: