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Please check this issues.
« on: May 15, 2006, 05:52:14 AM »
Dear Shinya, Anthony

I'm jegyun from Korea. How have you been?
I'm writing to ask you to check some issues. This issues are
based on renderfarm is installed windows OS. I installed Qube
module of latest version to this renderfarm.

One is the qubic's update information didn't show job states.
After render job had done(I checked the rendered images), Job
Queue was still running. I checked this state in command prompt with
qbjobs. In this case, some of work status were running state. I often
met this problem. Please check this issue.

The other is  menralray for maya's rendering problems. In batch
rendering, everythings is okay. But I found the problem in mentalray,
in case of one machine uses two or more CPUs. While in batch rendering,
Multiple CPUs calculated properly. mentalray for Maya's Multiple
CPUs calculated separately. If a hundred frame need to render,
In batch, each CPU render different frame.(1CPU render 1frame,
2CPU render 2frame). But in mentalray, one CPU render whole
frame, the other recalculated rendered images again. (1CPU render
their job, 2CPU render job again) So I test one machine use one CPU.
But in this time, the problem is the same. one machine  render job first,
the other machine render again same frame over and over.
Finally I rendered each scene by machine. In my opinion, Mental for
maya rendering in Qube might have a problem. Please check this point.
If there is no problem, I look forward to your solutions.

I'm looking forward to solve this issue as soon as possible.
Thanks. Have a great day.