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3dsmax problems
« on: May 26, 2006, 11:45:21 AM »

I'm currently trying to get a working evaluation QUBE system going. I have Linux and Windows hosts, and (currently) a Linux supervisor.

The Windows workers are to render 3dsmax jobs, and the Linux ones are for Softimage XSI, and Maya.

The XSI end is fine (in proxy mode, haven't tried User mode).

The 3dsmax end is driving me nuts. I am in contact with support, but due to timezone problems (I think), we manage to exchange one e-mail a day..

So here's the problem: All max jobs failed, but the first subjob completed. Therefore no log file. Support suggested I install max v7 sp1. When I did that, the job took ages, and then failed again, unable to "callback" it's script.

So, assuming that the SP1 install had messed up the jobtype files, I removed, and re-installed them. Now, although the 3dsmax jobtype is installed (I can see it in add/remove programs), all max jobs stay as "pending", with a reason "3dsmax jobtype not installed, if I specify host", or "no available hosts" if I don't.

Can anyone help????

(The idea here was to evaluate several rendering solutions, QUBE, Muster, Rush, etc, and I'm rapidly running out of time here, before I have to move on to the next..)