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Qube! 6.5-1 WranglerView maintenance release is available
« on: August 29, 2013, 03:42:55 PM »
A new 6.5-1 maintenance release is now available for the Qube 6.5 WranglerView. This is a recommended release for all customers running Qube v6.5.

See for the complete release notes.

        Highlighted changes
    New features
@NEW: add support for Adobe's Creative Cloud 'CC' version numbering scheme

@NEW: "refresh selected" in Running Instances view is now active, will refresh
data for selected jobs

@NEW: user filter populates from list of job users

@NEW: display 'Pending Reasons' for running jobs with pending instances

@NEW: Useability improvement: add "filter jobs/workers" and "select instance"
menu items to Worker context menus, takes the user from the Worker view to the
Running Instances or Jobview

@NEW: Useability improvement: add "filter jobs/workers" and "select
instance/worker" menu items to Running Instances context menus, takes the user
from the Running Instances view to the Job or Worker view

    ===== New MAXWELL features ======

@NEW: Maxwell - add "MXI Cleanup" option to  mximerge job

@NEW: Maxwell - add "Aspect Ratio" read-only field, so user can verify the
(optionally) entered image resolution is the correct a/s

@NEW: Maxwell - add license-related messages from Maxwell to highlights regular
expression (not necessarily errors, but messages that need attention)

@NEW: Maxwell - show calculated aspect ratio when user overrides Maxwell render

@NEW: Maxwell - add missing MXS or license error strings to error regular

@NEW: Maxwell - expose 'mxi cleanup' checkbox in Maxwell render submission,
sets the mxi cleanup control in subsequent mximerge job

@NEW: Maxwell -  link 'Coop Total SL' to 'SamplingLevel' if doing Coop renders:
CoopTotalSL is hidden by default, but will change to match value of
SamplingLevel when users changes SL value.  More intuitive usage.

@FIX: Maxwell mximerge simpleCmd module missing from release build

@FIX: Retry frame/instance value is stripped at resubmission

@FIX: job environment is truncated upon resubmission if it exceeds the default
number of rows in the environment widget

@FIX: "running users" column in worker view is empty when user filter in job
view is not blank

@FIX: jobs calculate % done incorrectly when agenda has failed frames until job
is selected, display correct value after that

@FIX: Retrying a frame or instance does not update job's displayed status to
pending in GUI, despite it actually being pending

@FIX: cached log files should be world-writeable, so other users can clean them

@FIX: C4d - don't pass in '-threads' arg is threadCount is 0, causes issues
with C4D

@FIX: jobs not belonging to the same pgrp displaying when filtering by pgrp;
don't use glob-style matching for job id's and pgrp's

@FIX: Lock/Schedule does not raise a schedule windows, does not lock host

@FIX: wait for Desktop Worker to completely shut down on OSX

@FIX: on a supervisor with a hostname of "supervisor", the WV gui cannot
restart the supervisor service; it will stop it, but never detect it's stopped.

    Changes in behavior
@CHANGE: Maxwell - expose 'Co-op SL' (co-operative rendering shading level) as a non-expert control, always visible

@CHANGE: only run 1 aerender job at a time on a worker while allowing other jobs to be accepted, uses job 'kind' attribute

@CHANGE: rerfesh and fetch all jobs when disabling the user filter when using SQL query, now consistent with API query behavior

@CHANGE: suppress logging of "Table '320qube.41040work' doesn't exist" MySQL messages, MySQL error code 1146

@CHANGE: full worker locking / unlocking no longer raises a confirmation dialog

@COSMETIC: change wording of "job info for id x invalid" warning message.

@COSMETIC: re-word partial locking worker context menu items to be less ambiguous

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