Author Topic: Qube! 6.7-2a WranglerView patch release is available  (Read 1432 times)


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Qube! 6.7-2a WranglerView patch release is available
« on: October 28, 2015, 10:09:16 PM »
A 6.7-2a patch release is now available for the Qube 6.7-x WranglerView.  This is a recommended patch release for all customers running any version of Qube v6.7, and can be installed directly on top of any 6.7 version of Qube.

For those using the Qube Installer utility, the 6.7-2 manifest file has been updated.  If you are using version 2.1-0 or later of the QubeInstaller installer utility, it, will auto-detect if a manifest has a newer version and offer to download it.

Or you can download the patched version directly at:

Full release notes are available on our documentation site:


This patch was only made available on Windows.

6.7-2a was primarily released to address a build-related error that prevented
WranglerView from starting on Windows Server 2008 SP2 and Windows 10.
It also incorporates changesmade after the release of 6.7-2 that were originally
intended for 6.7-3.

    New features

==== CL 14607 ====
@NEW: add additional messages to regex_errors for nuke cmdline and loadOnce jobs (CL 14597)


==== CL 14799 ====
@FIX: Regex and wildcards broken in performance charts job name filter

==== CL 14725 ====
@FIX: upper limit on processors reservations set to 48; limit removed entirely

==== CL 14722 ====
@FIX: "Object of type function found where a Number, Array, or Property is
needed" when submitting from inside AfterEffects CC 2015

==== CL 14720 ====
@FIX:Include output path regex for Blender jobs so Blender jobs properly report
their output image(s).

==== CL 14711 ====
@FIX: job->interrupt not interrupting shortest-instance, not shortest-running work

==== CL 14607 ====
@FIX: ERROR: unable to successfully execute command "nuke.scriptOpen"  - don't
double-quote the path to the Nuke script (CL 14599)

    Changes in behavior

==== CL 14607 ====
@CHANGE: starting up a pythonChildHandler to manage a "LoadOnce" application
does not implicitly start the application, must now call the handler's start(),
and pass server port number to the subprocess args. (CL 14598)