Author Topic: Qube! 6.8-0 Release Update - Functionality  (Read 1300 times)


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Qube! 6.8-0 Release Update - Functionality
« on: November 09, 2015, 02:40:58 AM »
Qube! 6.8-0 Release Update About Functionality
There was a recent post to the board with an update regarding the timing of the 6.8-0 release:

That timing has not changed, so that update is still valid.

This post is regarding a change in the functionality we are planning to release with 6.8-0.

Due to how VRED is written, we are unable to complete the support for VRED distributed rendering. We are speaking with Autodesk currently - they have acknowledged the issue, would like to correct it, and will be keeping us up to date on the fix. We hope to finish the work already started on distributed rendering for VRED, so maybe we'll see this in the 6.9-0 release, pending the Autodesk update.

Two other changes related to VRED - we have already added support for the VRED Sequencer into 6.8-0. This has been left out of the previous list, so we're making sure to add it now. Also, we'll be updating the VRED submission UI to move away from the HTML widget based submission to the latest protocol released by Autodesk.

If there are any other updates, we will let you know. The updated list of functionality is below.


Qube! Release Version 6.8.0

New Features
   BETA release of job submission in ArtistView for major packages     
   BETA release of centralized preferences for job submission   
   JSON ingest support in ArtistView     
   Support for the VRED Sequencer
   Updated VRED submission UI - not HTML based 

Performance Improvements
   Optimizations to WranglerView originally found in 6.7-1c

New Job Type Support
   Toon Boom's Harmony job type

Updated Platform Support
   Windows 8   
   Windows 10
   CentOS 6.7
   CentOS 7.0
   CentOS 7.1
   Modo 9
   Houdini 14
   VRED on Linux
   VRED on MacOS