Author Topic: Maintenance/Patch release 6.9-2a of Qube! available  (Read 1724 times)


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Maintenance/Patch release 6.9-2a of Qube! available
« on: July 10, 2017, 11:29:31 PM »
We have released a patched version of Qube!, labeled 6.9-2a, that contain various fixes. 

This is a recommended release for all customers running Qube v6.9-1 or earlier; customers already running v6.9-2 need only upgrade if they are impacted by any issues addressed by this release.

The Qube! Installer should automatically pick up this new version when the 6.9-2 manifest is chosen from the public repository, or if a local copy of the 6.9-2a manifest is chosen on a host which can access the internet.

Notable fixes and changes are:

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@CHANGE: background helper thread improvements
* limit the number of workers that are potentially recontacted by the background helper routine to 50 per iteration.
* background thread exits and refreshes after running for approximately 1 hour, as opposed to 24 hours

@CHANGE: job queries requesting for subjob and/or work details now must explicitly provide job IDs.
Both qbjobinfo() C++ and qb.jobinfo() Python APIs now reject such submissions and return an error.
For example, the Python call "qb.jobinfo(subjobs=True)" will raise a runtime exception.
It must be now called like "qb.jobinfo(subjobs=True, id=12345)" or "qb.jobinfo(subjobs=True, id=[1234,5678])"

@FIX: shortened the timeout for "qbreportwork" when it reports a "failed" work that has migrate_on_frame_retry from 600 seconds to 20.
This was causing long 10-minute pauses on the job instance when a frame
fails after exhausting all of its retry counts.

Please review the release notes to see if you are experiencing an issue that may be resolved by this release