Author Topic: Maintenance Release 6.10-1 of Qube! Now Available  (Read 1477 times)


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Maintenance Release 6.10-1 of Qube! Now Available
« on: July 24, 2018, 04:55:02 AM »
This is a maintenance release of the Qube! Core/Supervisor/Worker/ArtistView/WranglerView products.

This is a recommended release for all customers running Qube v6.10-0; customers already running v6.10-0a need only upgrade if they are impacted by any issues addressed by this release.

Notable changes and fixes are:
  • Workers are always "auto-remove"d when shut down, even if "auto_remove" is not set in worker_flags.
  • Absurdly inaccurate cumulative cpu time for agenda items noted in rare cases (4000+ days)
  • Data warehouse slot counts (farm size) can be inaccurate at times; a worker whose configured slot count changes worker is added to the worker_dim dimension table as many times as there are expired entries for that same worker.   This can cause the pfx_dw.slotcount_fact table which tracks farm size to grow very large.
Please see for the complete release notes.
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