Author Topic: QUBE! 7.5-0 WITH NEW QUBE! UI RELEASED!  (Read 605 times)


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« on: October 14, 2020, 03:53:37 AM »
Version 7.5-0 of Qube! has been released and is immediately available for download.

The Qube UI is released as a fully supported production UI in this version of Qube!. It will be the unified Qube! UI moving forward.

Important: ArtistView is deprecated as of this version 7.5-0 release and is not included in the installer. In addition, there are no plans to release any further updates to WranglerView in future versions of Qube!, but it has been included in the version 7.5-0 installer with a few minor updates you can read about in the release notes.

Watch the new Qube! UI demo on YouTube:

Highlights of the new Qube UI:

- Dramatically increased performance and scalability
- Real time push updates (no need to refresh)
- New customizable, structured worker and job tree view
- New Python console
- User definable and preset themes (color schemes, buttons, etc.)
- New panel plugin IDE with live updates
- New hot key launchable mini job view (check job status while using other apps)
- View multiple job or worker lists simultaneously
- Advanced text based filtering
- Previewer can now playback sequences

Read more about the new Qube UI and see screenshots here:

Also new for version 7.5-0 of Qube!:

- Python 3 required for installation
- New Python 3 API
- New version of the installer - 4.0-3

Downloads available at:

Tech specs: