Author Topic: Submitting Maya Jobs Failed!  (Read 3743 times)


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Submitting Maya Jobs Failed!
« on: May 03, 2007, 04:22:50 AM »
Hello there!

I am new to this forum and just getting started to work with Qube! I just installed and successfully set up the application to my system. But, I always get render failures every time I submit a Maya job. What seems to be the problem? What did I miss?

Here is the scenario:

Test jobs were successful but when submitting an actual job like, a Maya job, will give me a render failure. What seems to be the problem? Are there any more steps I need to follow before submitting a Maya render job?  ???

My setup:
1 computer (as supervisor) and 3 computers (as workers and clients at the same time).

Needless to say, I have however, made a 1-computer setup(installed the supervisor, worker, and client into one computer). Submitting my maya job on this setup was successful.

Anyone? Thanks!


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Re: Submitting Maya Jobs Failed!
« Reply #1 on: May 03, 2007, 05:45:45 AM »
Hi rvanet,

Thanks for evaluating Qube!

It is a bit hard to tell what your problem is without knowing how exactly you're submitting the jobs, and without seeing your job logs, but I'm guessing that you are trying to render a scene where the input data files are local to the submission machine.

You need to put your input scenefile (and any other resources, such as textures) in a location where all the worker have access to.  Usually this means that you need it on a centralized file server that shares folders.

Pardon me if my guess is off the wall-- in that case, please follow the next set of instructions to send us ( your job log.  If you could mention in your email that it's in reference to this forum thread, that'd be great.  Thanks!

In order to address your problem more completely, please send us the job log directory for the job in question.

You can locate the directory by logging into your Supervisor, and looking for the job log folder in the following location (depending upon your Supervisor platform):

\Program Files\pfx\qube\logs\job

Linux, OS X

In that folder, you will find a numbered directory that corresponds to the number of thousands in the job ID. (ID < 1000 = 0) Search in one of these folders for the one that corresponds to the correct job ID.

Zip up the entire job ID folder and reply to this email message with the zipped file.

If the zipped job ID folder turns out to be larger than 2MB, don't send it, but let us know and we will help you address the problem in an alternative fashion.