Author Topic: maya jobtype & error checking  (Read 4493 times)


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maya jobtype & error checking
« on: July 11, 2007, 08:02:18 PM »
Hi all,

I'm trying to troubleshoot a Qube designated "failed" job, when the rendered frame produced is actually correct.

I'm using the new 5.1-1 maya jobtype, and have modified the & to do some custom things (in the former case it's things like setting environment variables in Windows, the latter case it's executing some mel code to do things like changing filepaths from mapped to UNC etc.).

When I look at the stderr & stdout information about why the frame is considered failed I notice the following:


INFO: rendering layer [CHA_C_REX] using renderer [mentalRay]
if(size(`ls mentalrayGlobals`)) { setAttr mentalrayGlobals.renderVerbosity 5; }
mayaBatchRenderProcedure(0, "", "CHA_C_REX", "mentalRay", "-v 5 -lic ns"); system ("C:\\Perl\\bin\\perl.exe -e \"sleep 1\"");
ls.renderVerbosity 5; }
mayaBatchRenderProcedure(0, "", "CHA_C_REX", "mentalRay", "-v 5 -lic ns"); system ("C:\\Perl\\bin\\perl.exe -e \"sleep 1\"");

INFO: timer of [600 secs] expired-- "nudging" maya for 'mel:' prompt at // line 550.

INFO: timer of [600 secs] expired-- "nudging" maya for 'mel:' prompt at // line 550.

ERROR: mel command [mayaBatchRenderProcedure(0, "", "CHA_C_REX", "mentalRay", "-v 5 -lic ns"); system ("C:\\Perl\\bin\\perl.exe -e \"sleep 1\"");] failed
(Mayatomr.Geometry) : glow1_GURU_IMPORT:nurbsSphereShape288: no material assigned, ignored
setAttr CHA_C_REX.renderable 0
setAttr Camera1Shape.renderable 0
ERROR: there were at least [1] errors in processing this frame
WARNING: maximum tries of 1 exhausted... at // line 368.
WARNING: ...subjob bailing...

From reading the docs I thought that Qube ignored error checking by default, and I know that the new 5.1-1 job type has better error handling, but I wondered if there is a way to turn error checking off completely? Maya/mentalray bark back so many non-fatal error messages, and I wonder if something in the 5.1 or 5.1-1 maya jobtypes is getting tripped up by one of those messages (both jobtypes fail for me).

I can send the full log directory for the failed job (with .sts, .err, .out, etc.) if you'd like to see it.




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Re: maya jobtype & error checking
« Reply #1 on: July 17, 2007, 03:38:26 AM »
Hi dwarren,

Sorry, but I didn't notice this posting... but I guess your jobs are
running okay now, with the use of 5.1-1's "ignore render time" switch,
as I suggested directly in the support case.

I'll be replying to your other question shortly...