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« on: July 26, 2007, 04:54:18 PM »

We're currently submitting jobs through the API, and the Job hash contains a setting for "timelimit". This is setting a time limit on a per subjob basis. What we're looking to do is apply a time limit on an agenda/frame basis. I was wondering if it was possible to accomplish this through the use of callbacks, or if it was possible to do in Qube.

We want to prevent a frame from taking longer then 2 hours to render, and the current system just fails the subjob, and starts the next subjob which can just pick up the same frame.

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Re: Timeout
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Hey Zameer,

    Currently the Timeout only applies to the Subjob mostly because the concept was designed to be used at the system level.  If you are looking to manage your jobs at the frame level, you've got 2 choices.  You can either setup the job type to manage it's own frame level timeout.  Or, you could potentially write a job type which uses the subjobs to match to frames and use the timeout feature.

     That said, we're also looking at this problem in our development plans.