Author Topic: Info: How Qube calculates and updates "Memory Used" on Workers  (Read 5272 times)

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There was an inquiry about how "Memory Used" on Workers is calculated and updated in Qube.  Here are the details.

What is called
Qube makes a call depending on the OS of the worker:
  • Windows: GlobalMemoryStatusEx is used
  • Unix: /proc/meminfo file is used
  • OSX: The sysctl BSD routine is used

When is it updated
The memory for a Worker is normally updated on the Supervisor whenever the Worker updates its status.  This happens when a job is accepted or released.

Manually updating
In 5.2, one can use qbadmin call to "kick" a worker into sending it's current state. 
   qbadmin worker --forcereport <hostname>
Note: it is not recommended to be constantly called as it can be a relatively expensive process.