Author Topic: Shake 4.1 on Fedora Core 6 .?. doable?  (Read 5307 times)


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Shake 4.1 on Fedora Core 6 .?. doable?
« on: October 26, 2007, 08:13:55 PM »
Just curious if Linux Shake 4.1 is currently supported by Qube.

I currently have an XP supervisor w 3 XP workers for Maya jobs and am hoping to add a Fedora Core 6 machine for Shake jobs. I have installed the Linux worker/jobtype/windir and I get the machine showing up on the Supervisor gui but when I submit a Shake job, the job itself stays pending, the linux Worker seems to start to run, light goes green, then the worker drops off and I get a 'Shake job type' not available message on the job. Once I restart the worker daemon on the linux box it show's back up, but has yet to accept a job. I have tested Shake rendering in it's gui on said machine and it seems to be behaving as it should.

I am assuming that the Shake job tries to start on the linux worker, then when it fails marks the worker as down and attempts to try the others, and when it can't find one w a Shake jobtype I get the error.?. Is this a correct assumption? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. There's prob a very good chance I haven't set something right up on the linux side.


Update: Just found that the firewall was on in said linux machine. Disabling that has gotten me past the worker dropping off. The issue now seems to be with the network drives. I have mounted the drives at /mnt/Y-drive and /mnt/X-drive, which I then added to the /etc/dostab as  Y: /mnt/Y-drive and X: /mnt/X-drive but the error I am now getting from Qubic when submitting the Shake job is about not being able to find the Shake script file at Y:\xxxxxxx\xxxxxx\xxx.shk which is where it resides on the Windows network share. Suggestions for linux network shares?


Update#2: Got some advice from Jason about using symbolic links. Altered the Script File location when sending the job and all is well. Guess this is more of a confirmation now that yes, this does indeed work.

Thx Jason!!
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