Author Topic: How to setup Qube for multi-networking?  (Read 5006 times)


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How to setup Qube for multi-networking?
« on: January 21, 2008, 05:42:16 AM »
Hi there,

Sorry if I'm asking a naive question here. As I'm still begineer in networking but I had some question regarding in setting up Qube in Multi-network.

Let's say I would like to setup 500 machines for rendering farm. However the IP range is only can set up to 256 ( Is there any setting that I need to set for another worker network ( to identify the supervisor?

Another scenario:
There is a Windows based network, it has 1 public network to connect to public(other networks) and 1 private network to connect with all the workers. From the Linux based network, it also has 2 network which are for public(to connect with the Windows based network supervisor) and private (linux workers network).

For the above scenario, can you give us some advise to setup Qube?

Many thanks for help.

Best Regards,