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Creating an OSX render client
« on: June 18, 2009, 04:45:57 PM »
Adding (42) OSX render clients to an existing (45) member XPx64 based render cluster.

1. The (42) OSX clients will not be used as artist workstations, in fact the installation needs to be as minimal as possible.
2. Render engines must include Maya Software (version; autodesk Maya 2009), mentalray (version; autodesk Maya 2009) and renderMan Studio 2.0  (this is the full suite, not just renderMan for Maya.)  The primary render engine being renderMan.
3. "Time Rules" must be successfully controlled.  The OSX machines must only be available within certain hours.

I am investing in switching, cabling, additional Qube workers, and other software needs to incorporate 42 new G5s into our render fold.  We are currently a WinXPx64 shop (I know, no laughing) with plans to move to Windows 7.  We have a significant dependence on AD and domain tools, so for now, these boxes will have to remain WinXPx64.

I am looking for an OSX guru who maybe interested in helping me define the necessary software elements, installation procedures, deployment strategies, and user configurations to get these boxes quietly added to our mix.

Thanks for your consideration,