Author Topic: Renderman for maya licence consumption  (Read 2658 times)


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Renderman for maya licence consumption
« on: June 20, 2009, 12:16:05 PM »
Hi Guys,

I think I've figured out how to use the cpus and reservation etc settings but I can't seem to restrict the use of my RMFM licences to just a single licence. I have tried various worker host.processors settings but the renders constantly consume two licenses. Now I am rendering this test on a dual quad core machine. So I have 8 cores. RMFM licences consume at most 4 cores. So the render is using 2 licenses (4 cores per .licence)
But I would like to restrict the render to 1 licence per machine.
So theoretically as I understand it I should set the worker host.processor setting to 2 (2 slots) and then set the job host.processor to 1 so that it occupies only the single slot no? But still the render takes 2 licences.
So I figured it's using two licences even if I'm only rendering on 4 threads so I  then set the worker host.processor to 1 and then job host.processor setting to 1 but still it takes 2 licences.
Finally I set the worker host.processor setting to 8 and locked 7 of those processors in the gui but still no joy.
This may be a renderman licence issue but perhaps somebody can shed some light on it.