Author Topic: TIP: Options for modifying the submission parameter defaults  (Read 2878 times)

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There are a few ways to modify the submission parameter defaults.

1) Modify each simplecmd submission .py script and add a line to the cmdjob creation.['mailaddress'] = ''

Code: [Select]
cmdjob = SimpleCmd('Example Echo over frames', hasRange=True, canChunk=True, help='basic echo test over frame range')
cmdjob.command = 'echo %(message)s'
cmdjob.add_optionGroup('Main options', collapsed=False)
cmdjob.add_option( 'message'    , 'string'  , 'Message to echo',
                  default="FRAME MESSAGE: start QB_FRAME_START, end QB_FRAME_END, step QB_FRAME_STEP", required=True)
# Specify job property defaults (optional)['priority'] = 100['cpus']     = 3['mailaddress'] = ''

See the Help->SimpleCmd Developer Guide example "Create a SimpleCmd and specify some default properties" for more details.  Also see the Forum Post "TIP: Centralizing Qube configs, jobtypes, logs, & customizations (large farms)" (

2) Have each user for each submission dialog specify the email address they want to send to by default.  Then click on the "Set Defaults" button.  This will store the values in the user's preferences file.

3) Create a studio prefs file with the "Set Defaults" method above.  Save it with "File->Save Preference Defaults...".  Have each user point in their own "Studio Default Prefs" in their preferences (Preferences...) to that studio-wide preferences file.  Then one can modify that file at any time and update the entire studio's default prefs.