Author Topic: Using a profile for alias and environment setup on Mac OS X workers  (Read 4870 times)


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We have a number of Macintosh workers that have a profile setup in the /etc directory to define various aliases and environment variables used in out pipeline.

Using a similar arrangement on our Linux workers is working well in qube (our cmdline qube jobs take advantage of the aliases and env variables), but the profile does not seem to be invoked on jobs run by the Mac workers.

Is there a way we can define a profile that will be invoked by Qube jobs on Mac workers.

Test/Example .....
In my machine's /etc/profile file I have a line:
alias nickls=ls

opening a terminal and entering "nickls" responds with a listing of the current directory's contents.
Running a commandline job from qube with my system as the designated host results in a failed job "-sh: nickls: command not found"