Author Topic: 3ds Max 2010 | BitmapIO issues  (Read 3172 times)


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3ds Max 2010 | BitmapIO issues
« on: November 19, 2009, 08:34:19 AM »
Hello everyone -

I seem to have stumbled across an issue and am curious if anyone else is running into the same problems. Rendering max jobs via qube ( using the standard 3dsmax jobtype ) - the output file settings are not being respected on our slaves.

3ds Max stores the image output settings in a .cfg file for each bitmapIO type ( in the plugCfg folder ). If a user adjusts the output settings in their scene ( say alpha channel storage, bit depth, etc ) and submits the job to the farm - the slaves will render using their default local bitmapIO settings.

All signs seem to point to the fact that the render() maxscript method does not respect the scene output settings ( which is a problem if your intended settings are different than those stored on the slave ). There is also no maxscript method to retreive those settings stored in the scene ( which they are...somewhere )

So, my questions to fellow users:

Has anyone else had the problem where the images rendered on the slave do not have the same properties as defined in the scene file?


The only way I'm seeing to handle this is to get a simple max plugin to force a cfg write ( as this is accessible via the SDK, but not in maxscript ). This command would need to be executed prior to the render() call in the max jobtype.

Any thoughts?