Author Topic: Forcing production users to minimum priority  (Read 2655 times)


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Forcing production users to minimum priority
« on: April 23, 2010, 10:29:58 AM »
Looked through the forums but couldn't see anything on this.

Essentially after negotiations have failed with our production staff i want to remove their right to set jobs at priority of '1' or similar ridiculous levels.
Instead i would like to be able to set a maximum job priority threshold of say 1000. The easiest way would be similar to the 'supervisor_maximum_priority' field in config. I actually thought this was what i needed but instead it seems to work the other way.
What i would like would be to set a max threshold of say 1000 and if any user added a job above that so priority 1-999 then the job would be forced to 1000. That way i can leave the re-prioritisation arguments to the production managers who would be admins with ability to reprioritise jobs.