Author Topic: Maya 2011 and Softimage 2011 jobtypes along with updated QubeGUI now available  (Read 2587 times)

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Qube has added support for Maya 2011 and Softimage 2011!

There is a jobtype to install on the backend and also QubeGUI (version 5.5.3) adjustments for the front-end interface.  The updated front-end QubeGUI interface is also designed to be forward compatible with the upcoming release of the 3dsMax 2011 jobtype expected in the near future.

For customers on support, this update can be downloaded directly from:

Below is a full list of the QubeGUI 5.5.3 features and fixes.


@FEATURE:   Maya: Adding Maya 2011 support to interface

@FEATURE:   Softimage: Adding Softimage 2011 support to interface

@FEATURE:   3dsMax: Adding 3dsMax 2011 support to interface (to be released in   
                   the near future)

@FEATURE:   XSI: Frame timeout option added

@FEATURE:   3dsMax: Added V-Ray Distributed Render (DR) support

@FEATURE:   Shake: Adjusting shake submit interface to allow for chunking.

@FEATURE:   Softimage: modified QubeGUI submission dialog to use easier version
            names, such as "v2010"

@FEATURE:   Adding forward compatibility to load the human readable
            qube_guiPreferences.conf format used in future versions of the

@FIX:       Submit: modified the simplecmd "combobox" widget's "SetValues" routine to
            respect values that aren't in the "choices" list.