Author Topic: I can't seem to use the following python module in my simplecmd: xml.dom.minidom  (Read 4548 times)


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I thought this module was standard to python as of there a path that I must append in order for it to import correctly?


Scot Brew

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The QubeGUI is run by default as an app with python (and all needed modules) already compiled within.  However it does not contain the unused python modules.

On OSX, those packages are located at  It does not contain xml.dom.minidom by default so it therefore cannot be loaded.  The library module "xml" is loaded, but not xml.dom.minidom. 

We have done a little bit of testing.  There may be some confusion in which xml module to use (as there is one already in the .app file) in addition to the local system if you try to use a sys.path.append() to add a path to help find the xml.dom.minidom on the local system.  There may also be python version incompatibilities.  The combination of these issues may make dynamically importing xml.dom.minidom problematic.

Alternatively you can compile in the xml.dom.minidom if you compile your own version of the QubeGUI.  Here are some postings to facilitate this workflow.

Compiling the GUI:
Running directly: