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PipelineFX Qube 6.1.0 Release Notes
« on: December 21, 2010, 02:54:27 AM »


The 6.1.0 release adds a handful of usability features including a
"Dependency Graph Panel" and "Running Processes Panel".

For customers on support, this update can be downloaded directly from:

1.  New Job Dependency Graph Panel
2.  Dynamically loaded main and popup menus
3.  Output image thumbnails
4.  New Processes Running Panel
5.  New columns and information for Jobs
6.  Job Columns can directly access package data


== QubeGUI ==

@FEATURE:   Add per-job and per-frame Job Dependency Graph Panel to QubeGUI.
            Has right-click popup menu for acting on individual nodes.

@FEATURE:   Making all popup menus and main menubar to be dynamically loaded
            from (menu_*) files in the simplecmds/ directory.
@FEATURE:   Add thumbnail display for multiple frames for a job, capping at 100.

@FEATURE:   Adding dynamic allocation to Lightwave via LScript.

@FEATURE:   Add support for Nuke 6.0v5, 6.0v7, and 6.1v1

@FEATURE:   Add backfill_rate chart to qubeGUI as
            "Supervisor Dispatch Efficiency"

@FEATURE:   Adding "job blacklisting" for Remove jobs action to clear them from
            the GUI's Job Cache.
@FEATURE:   Exposing frame "order" field ('id') so that one can see the order
            that frames are to be rendered in.
@FEATURE:   Add Search history dropdown

@FEATURE:   Add popup menu for output image thumbnails.

@FEATURE:   Admin->Install License now is a cut&paste into a dialog box,
            not a file-browser dialog
@FEATURE:   Adding "label" within job "pgrp" for upstream/downstream dependency
            checking within the "dependency" job field.

@FEATURE:   Adding per-frame dependency scanning.  View overall job dependencies
            (per-frame and per-job in the dependency graph).

@FEATURE:   JobList: Adding a detailed status to give the summary of the status
            for the tasks and subjobs. Columns for each task state added and a
            "statusDetailed" colum to give a abbreviated list of the existing
            task states.
@FEATURE:   Added task status details to metajobs like done with JobList.  Sorting states for continuity.

@FEATURE:   Exposing MetaJob columns to qbPrefs and the Prefs Dialog.  One can
            specify and arrange columns here like with the JobList.

@FEATURE:   Exposing Agenda/Frames and Subjob Processes columns to be settable
            in the Prefs Dialog.

@FEATURE:   If a job does not have any frames associated with it, then have
            "% Done" return the % of subjob processes that are complete.

@FEATURE:   Retrieve Job Details for all running jobs when "all job" request is
            given to reload/refresh.  This will populate the Avg and ETA fields
            automatically.  It will also allow for the population of the future
            Subjob Process Panel.

@FEATURE:   Adding Job Processes Running Panel to the QubeGUI.
            Has right-click popup menu.

@FEATURE:   Shotgun enhancements:
              * pass shotgun info from parent job to generateMovie job, populate
                shotgun field in genMovieJob
              * add 'Submit All' to shotgun to support submission of all items in
              * sort the dynamic list of shotgun users, make it easier to find a
                particular user

@FEATURE:   Exposing general properties to the JobList columns to reach "package" and other dicts.
            Use "." as delimiter for parameters. 

@FEATURE:   Adding "Add" button to create custom columns in the Prefs dialog.

@FEATURE:   QubeGUI Submit: Email on frame and subjob process failure as well as
            job completion/failure.

@FEATURE:   Extend the "dependency" field syntax to include "info-<state>-{}"
            for arbitrary per-frame and per-job callbacks done manually.
            The dependency map extension has been added to the "dependency"
            field.  This means that callbacks do not have to be scanned in order
            to retrieve complex per-frame dependencies.  Developers using
            complex dependency callbacks will need to update the job "dependency"
            field when submitting dependency callbacks directly.

            Examples for the "dependency" field.  The "link" and jobid ones
            create callbacks.  The "info-<state>-{}" is just there to inform the
            GUI of the job and frame linkages (that would be set manually as
            callbacks at submit time along with adding this item.
            # Parse the dependency field
            # Handles comma separated items:
            #   <jobid>
            #   complete-job-<jobid>
            #   link-<state-<type>-<jobid>
            #   info-<state>-{'',[]}
            # Examples:
            #   link-complete-job-529,  link-complete-work-430, info-complete-{'1':['540:3'], '*':['600:*'], '':['700']} , link-complete-job-300, 900, complete-job-123
            #   info-<state>-{'':['123','456'], '*':['345:*'], '10':['346:2', 346:4']}
@FEATURE:   Exposing 'env' and 'cwd' job parameters to GUI (get and submit)

@FIX:       DataWarehouse: fix "no data to plot" messages when less than 1
            day's data available on Windows
@FIX:       DataWarehouse: Suppress extraneous widget appearing on Windows in
            upper-left corner of farmSize and farmUtilization panels.

@FIX:       DataWarehouse: don't draw entityNB's for generatorPanels that don't
            use them
@FIX:       DataWarehouse: disable RunQuery button while "find top N users"
            query is running

@FIX:       wx.DatePickerCtrl widgets truncate time portion of their value on
            Windows (sets it to 00:00:00), so set time portion of value returned
            by widget to end of day (23:59:59) when running on Windows

@FIX:       Updated commandline string for launching QubeGUI that uses r""
            for the paths. (handles \ in windows paths).

@FIX:       Prefs: "Reset" for columns list resets back to factory defaults.

@FIX:       movieGenerator job now is in parent job's pgrp

@FIX:       label the placeholder pane correctly if the charting is disabled but
            the layout is still shown.

@CHANGE:    Refactor code so the menu functions are standalone.
            Used in conjunction with the dynamically loaded menus.
@CHANGE:    Moved the menu code into separate files under simplecmds/ directory

@CHANGE:    DataWarehouse: Populate charts on gui startup.
            Don't initialize them blank
@CHANGE:    Replacing exec() with pure function calls for the popup menus. 

@CHANGE:    Debug logging: Cosmetic changes
            * decrease the line noise
            * logger name is the object class name, allows for log records like:
                        FirstLastTimestampQuery : DEBUG    : MYSQL>>>
                        (, Thread-2)

@CHANGE:    Streamlining signal item selection code for job selection.
            Removed the qbSignal signalSelect_* and using
            signalSelectionChanged_* instead.
@CHANGE:    move job.kind widget from "qube notes" section into
            "advanced job control"

@CHANGE:    Renaming "frameAvg" to "avg" for jobList parameter.  Closer match
            to "eta" parameter.

@CHANGE:    OSX desktop worker launched entirely by launchctl now

@INFO:      Add chunking recommendation to the AfterEffects docs.

== Qube Core ==

@FEATURE: Allow environment variables to be explicitly set when submitting jobs.

@FEATURE: Have Supervisor Callbacks Python use the same qb python module as
        standard Qube (instead of embedded and outdated qb module).  Also add
        env variables for QBJOBID and others.

@FEATURE: Have "code" field for callback list TO: email addresses for mail language.

@FEATURE: QubeGUI Submit: Email on frame and subjob process failure as well as
        job completion/failure.

@CHANGE:  Modified Windows daemons to write logs to files without the week number
        extension ("supelog", instead of "supelog.<week#>")

@CHANGE:  Adding new log rotation script to osx supe/worker installer

@EXAMPLE: Update the python "pyframe" example and provide a few examples of
        advanced options.

@FIX:     Always use per-job dependencies when "int" values specified in the
        "dependency" field.  Makes things clearer.