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Renderman collision issue
« on: April 04, 2017, 04:16:43 PM »

My school is having some issues rendering Maya scenes with the renderman render. I’ve browsed both the Qube and Renderman forums and have found an argument that will fix this issue,  but need help implimenting it into the qube submission so that renderman will render correctly. Currently whenever we render with renderman using Qube as the query system many of our jobs will fail or they will complete but we won't see any images. From what I have gathered this is a collision issue from servers trying to write the same files to the same directory. Renderman has a built in work around, but you have to place it into the correct command parameters in order to fix this. From what the Renderman team has told me the argument that has to be added is "-batchContext $JOBDATETIME", but we're not sure under which command parameters this should go under. If you could help us figure out where that argument belongs that would be greatly appreciated. I will include links to the Renderman forums as well. If you have any questions I am more than happy to answer them as well.

Also, we know that this is not a network bandwidth issue or an issue with Qube because we have rendered out Arnold, Mental Ray, and even Maya Software renders without a problem.

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Re: Renderman collision issue
« Reply #1 on: April 04, 2017, 04:59:54 PM »
Which jobtype are you submitting with?  One way to check is to view the job's "prototype" value in WranglerView or ArtistView.

If you're using the "maya" jobtype, there's not really a command-line available for modification, but if you're using the batchRender "cmdrange" or "pyCmdrange" jobtypes, the submission interfaces have a "command template" where you can add this extra parameter in.  Or are you exportinb .RIB files and rendering with one of Pixar's command-line utilities?

As well, CCA is entitled to customer support, you can open a support case by sending mail to from your email address.