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PipelineFX Announces Support for Satellite Rendering for Autodesk? Products

New Plug-ins for 3ds Max? and Maya? Accelerate Creative Workflows for Rendering High-Resolution Images

Honolulu, HI ? June 7, 2007 ? PipelineFX, makers of Qube!? software, the leading render farm management system for film production, game development, and digital media education around the world, today announced support for satellite rendering under both mental ray for Maya Satellite and Distributed Bucket Rendering (DBR) for 3ds Max from Autodesk.

Rendering a single frame or image across more than one server to decrease the render time for large, high-resolution images is known as ?satellite rendering.?  When rendering with Maya Unlimited and mental ray for Maya Satellite, the new Qube! Maya Job Type allows you to dispatch a single frame to as many as eight additional networked cpus. This workflow can decrease render time required of a large image significantly. When rendering with 3ds Max DBR, a single frame can also be rendered across up to eight networked CPUs.

?At Herman Miller, we use satellite rendering every day to turnaround as quickly as possible the processing of ultra-realistic imagery on our Render Farm,? said Roy Baker, Visualization Design Manager for Research Design & Development at Herman Miller. ?We have an extensive international artist base that offloads final renderings for both DBR and non-DBR render submissions to our farm. With the new Qube! dynamic DBR support we can see which server processor cores are being used as satellites and which are rendering whole frames for our artist. We switched to Qube! because this new DBR feature allows us to leverage all our Render Farm servers for both DBR and non-DBR render submissions so none of them have to remain idle waiting for a specific job type.?

 ?We are seeing tremendous interest in a stable, open solution for managing satellite renders from Autodesk 3D products,? said Troy Brooks, CEO of PipelineFX. ?Our customers have asked for a solution to managing their render pipeline - across platforms and applications, with a single, centralized system to manage distributed single-frame renders, frame sequences, and every other aspect of their pipeline automation. This is an ideal solution for design and architectural customers, as well as animation and game studios that are called upon to render very high resolution single images for print or promotional purposes."