Author Topic: Troubleshooting: unable to establish connection with <supervisor>  (Read 9091 times)

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If you receive the following error:

ERROR: unable to establish connection with <hostname> - unable to connect to host. supervisor - down.
where hostname is name of the Supervisor host, check the following:

1.   The Supervisor is down. Login to the Supervisor host and restart the daemon if ps doesn't show any active Supervisor processes.
2.   The qb.conf file has been incorrectly configured. This file is typi-cally located in /etc/qb.conf (Linux) or C:\WINNT\qb.conf (Windows 2000) or C:\Windows\qb.conf (Windows XP/2003) or C:\ProgramData\pfx\qube\ (Vista/2008) Try setting the Supervisor host explicitly:
qb_supervisor = supervisor_host
where supervisor_host is the name or IP address of your Supervisor host.
3.   The client host may not have its DNS/NIS/WINS configuration set correctly. Contact your network administrator to resolve this.