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Cogswell Polytechnical College is pleased to announce it has officially renamed the Project X Studio the Qube! Lab in honor of the support and partnership that Pipeline FX has provided.

Cogswell purchased Qube! software in 2008 and has since dramatically ramped its rendering capabilities. This year a generous donation of 12 licenses of Qube!? software by Pipeline FX supports the comprehensive render management requirements for the school?s Project X class which focuses on the creation of short, professional-quality animated films. The first, The Offering, is set for release in the summer of 2009.

has been one of the most important tools in our pipeline,? said Michael Huber, Assistant Professor at Cogswell. ?There is no way we could meet our production deadlines without it. I think a lot of students still set off renders on a single machine and then, when they get a studio job, they have no concept of render management. This has raised the bar on our quality and given us the ability to produce shots that have tens of layers, thus increasing our output. Qube! is a powerful and very flexible tool that we cannot do without.?

"Cogswell College is setting a high standard for the work they plan to do through Project X,? said Troy Brooks, CEO of Pipeline FX. ?We are delighted that Qube! software was selected as the render management tool and look forward to working with Cogswell and its artists in the future.?

Project X
is a unique project-based class at Cogswell that uses a multi-disciplinary team to create short animated films of the highest quality. Students are selected to participate based on their portfolios so acceptance into the program is highly competitive. The class is designed to produce films to submit to major film festivals around the world.

About Qube! and Pipeline FX
Qube!? is the leading enterprise-class render farm management system for film production, visual effects, game development and digital media education. Qube! is highly customizable, extensively scalable, can be integrated into any production workflow, and is backed by world-class technical support. Qube! has custom pipelines for creative applications like Autodesk? 3ds Max?, Autodesk Maya?, NUKE?, SOFTIMAGE?|XSI?, DNA Research's 3Delight, Shake?, Adobe? AfterEffects?, Pixar?s RenderMan?, Eyeon? Digital Fusion? and many more. Qube! is IBM ServerProven?, database driven and operates in Linux?, Windows? and Mac OS?X environments. PipelineFX, with headquarters in Honolulu, Hawaii, and offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego, CA and Vancouver, B.C. was founded in 2002. Qube! is used by world-class film and game studios and post houses including Digital Domain, South Park Studios, Electronic Arts, Rainmaker Animation, Laika Studios, Disney Interactive Studios, Starz Entertainment
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