Author Topic: PipelineFX Releases QubeGUI 6.0.3  (Read 1707 times)

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PipelineFX Releases QubeGUI 6.0.3
« on: December 08, 2010, 05:24:23 PM »

The Qube 6.0.3 point release fixes a handful of identified issues. The components are fully compatible with all releases of 6.0.x.  This is a QubeGUI only fix.

For customers on support, this update can be downloaded directly from:


@FEATURE:   Houdini in-app submission for hython render

@FEATURE:   Adding image filter to "generate movie" interface to allow one to
            specify the images to use in the movie generation if multiple images
            per frame are rendered.
@FEATURE:   AfterEffects: Extracting the "Output Render Path" to the submit
            dialog for in-app submission.  Added some alert dialogs.
            This is particularly useful if using "mklink" on Windows renderfarm
            technique for auto-path translation when submitting from OSX
            machines.  The Output Render Path needs to be specified or AE will
            try to render it relative to the aerender.exe directory instead of
            relative to C:\.

@FEATURE:   Adding regex_outputPaths to the "nuke_cmdline" jobtype to extract
            output images. Expected text format:
            "Writing <filePath> took <float> seconds"

@FIX:       Fix truncated worker executable path when $QBDIR environment
            variable is not set
@FIX:       Reduce charting data load time in QubeGUI startup;
            Default to chart data for last 12 hours, not entire dataset

@FIX:       Handle issue with changes in y-range for subsequent redraws

@FIX:       Default controlChanged to try to bind as a string control
            (like is done to create the control) if the type is not identified.
@FIX:       Maya help parser translate option type of 'name' to 'string'

@FIX:       Save recently used Supervisors to the Preferences.

@FIX:       Make a local copy of the job dict before saving them as a "preset"
            to avoid it from accidentally being modified in-place by submit.

@FIX:       Load prefs even if a job "preset" has agenda items of type
            Work (will ignore them).
@FIX:       Unset PYTHONPATH,PYTHONHOME, and other env vars
            (specifically to OSX) so the daemons can be started properly.

@FIX:       Launch Desktop Worker via 'launchctl', so it can be shutdown on
            logout also does not inherit GUI python environment

@FIX:       movieGenerator job is added to the parent job's pgrp

@FIX:       Adding "" around the exe for the transcoder "generateMovie"
            interface.  Also having it default to blank values so the artist
            can set it the first time.

@FIX:       Add Exception check for retrieving processlist on windows for is
            Supervisor or Worker running.  Addresses pywintypes.com_error seen
            on a few occasions.

@FIX:       3dsMax BatchRender: Forcing / to \ for "scene" parameter in
            preDialog and postDialog since copy command fails if / used in paths

@FIX:       Handle case when unicode (non-ascii) characters showing up in the
            process list used to determin if Supervisor or Worker is running.

@FIX:       Handling the case where ^M characters are at the end of the
            qube_guiPreferences.conf file.

@CHANGE:    Added Cinema4D paths for R11.5 and R12 to the dropdown c4dExe
@CHANGE:    Added (x86) path options for aerender choices.  Common to have
            64-bit OS running 32-bit AE right now with those versions.

@CHANGE:    Link miGen and ray render job dependencies at the frame level,
            instead of at the job level.

@CHANGE:    move job['kind'] into "Qube Advanced Job Control Section"

@CHANGE:    shotgun: sort list of shotgun logins prior to presenting to user           

@CHANGE:    Setting host.subjobs() to use host.get('subjobs',[]) instead so it
            will work with 6.1 api.